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Join Our
Eco-Products Distribution Network & gain 
customers trust. 

Why you should partner with us

interest in eco-friendly products & packaging is growing, and the success of any Eco-Product line relies mainly on a strong distribution network to bring the news to the market. At this time, we are seeking additional distribution partners in most markets. If you are a distributor in an evolving segment and are interested in environmentally preferable products, please contact us at so we can discuss the opportunities we have available to you. Thank you!

Recycling Cardboard
Storage Room

An envelope of solutions 
all in-house

Solar Panel

Get a better reputation

According to a Cone Communications/ Ebiquity Global CSR Study, 84% of consumers across the world say they seek out responsible products when possible.

Solar Panels

Increase your portfolio.

 Increasing the variety in your portfolio gives your clients more options when purchasing from your product line. You might be able to reach a client base that is concerned with raising their level of environmental responsibility.

Green Hills

Gain an edge over competitors

Going green can do wonders for your public image. By doing so, you’ll gain a significant advantage over your non-environmentally conscious competitors.

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