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Who we are and the birth of BIOnd

We, Uri & Vika, are the owners of UV CONSULTING, a Belgian-based company that manufactures & imports mobile phone accessories & small electronic appliances. In the last 7 years, we decided to make a significant shift toward eco-friendly business and to change the company's portfolio to be greener as well. the production and marketing of environment-friendly accessories were non-existing at that time, We were really pioneers in the field, and people from the mobile industry called us crazy. We had 2 very, very dear friends, Izi & Tali who were also very eco-oriented and come from the mobile industry as well, We all joined forces. All we had was just a vision. But through determination and persistence, we were able to find suitable materials and implement innovative technologies, and that's how the Biond brand was actually born. 

About BIOnd

BIOnd is our new line of accessories made of biodegradable, environmentally-friendly materials. This freshly designed line of products includes all the mobile phone accessories you will need to stay mobile while helping save our beloved planet. BIOnd is made using recycled and natural biodegradable materials and all BIOnd packing is 100% made of recycled paper and zero plastic. even the ink printed on packages is made out of soybeans. BIOnd products stand out from the crowd with spectacular packaging and uncompromised quality values, combined with a self-sustaining and eco-friendly element. 

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We, Izi and Tali, share our lives for many years touching the age of 60, parents to Gal and Aviv, and grandparents to Reef. In the eyes of many who know us, we live a life that is "a little different" than usual but as we see it, we just flow and sail to where the wind blows. About 9 years ago we have decided that the way we lived for the past 10 years or so does not fit our state of mind of being more Eco friendly and agile, we have decided to move to live in a smaller house and buy a sailing boat so we can travel with it anywhere we wish.  We have divided our lives between Israel and Greece in recent years, actually using 2 boats, and 2 homes. "Shoshana" and "Rozi”. Our ground boat is Shoshana, Shoshana is a Galilean "Noah ark-like" home located in the north of Israel in a village called Klil. We chose Klil because this village is a very green-oriented place that suited our state of mind. We have built our little paradise that is more than livable. When we are not in Israel and traveling, we mostly hang out in the Greece area using our second home Rozi. 


Shoshana is a 14-meter-long Goulet-style wooden boat that sank in a storm many years ago and was salvaged.  when we saw Shoshana for the first time, old and messy, standing alone on the dock we knew immediately that she would be our new home. Every detail in the renovation process of such a boat must be taken into account since there is not too much space, the main issue is the efficiency and optimal utilization of space. Over time, we added one more section that connects to the boat, so our living space is about 60 square meters.

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Our second home Rozi. 
Rozi is a sailboat about 13 meters long built in 2004 by a company called Jeanneau, we purchased her in 2016 and have been sailing with it in ever since. Traveling with Rozi is actually moving your home to another neighborhood every time. Rozi, also has limited space and storage areas, and also needs its special systems that are essential for being in the sea and must be maintained for sailing (fresh water, electricity, etc.) the idea that such a house weighing over 10 tons moves from one place to another by taking advantage of the wind force is amazing. 

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