We, Izi and Tali, sharing our lives for many years touching the age of 60, parents to Gal and Aviv, and grandparents to Reef. In the eyes of many who know us, we live a life that is "a little different" than usual but as we see it, we just flow and sail to where the wind blows. About 7 years ago we have decided that the way we lived for the past 10 years or so does not fit our state of mind of being more Eco friendly and agile, we have decided to move to live in a smaller house and to buy a sailing boat so we can travel with it anywhere we wish.  We have divided our lives between Israel and Greece in recent years, actually using 2 boats, 2 homes. "Shoshana" and "Rozi”. 

Our ground boat is Shoshana, Shoshana is a Galilean "Noah ark-like" home located in the north of Israel in a village called Klil. We chose Klil because this village is a very green-oriented place that suited our state of mind. Moving to a tiny house such as Shoshana, required us to get rid of most of our belonging simply because we had no space for them.

We have built our little paradise that is more than livable.

When we are not in Israel and traveling, we mostly hang out in the Greece area using our second home Rozi. 

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We truly believe that every small change leads to a bigger change!

Be kind to our planet.





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Our village, Klil,  is not connected to the country electricity grid (by choice). We produce electricity for ourselves using solar panels and batteries. Since it is not a lot made daily It requires us to be constantly attentive to electricity consumption and of course to the weather, especially to the clouds. 

Since there is no central sewage system in Klil, we also had to think of what to do with the wastewater that is created and how to do it without contaminating the soil.

We built a system that stores the sewage water and filters the water into a pool called "wetland” that evaporates the wastewater leaving no odor using aquatic plants that have been planted there that grow beautify and also filter and evaporate the used water.

Hot water for our needs is made using the sun's energy.


Living the way we live also opened our eyes to the destruction we, human beings, cause to the planet we live on and led us to some important decisions of how to change things to help with what we are doing and also of the products we produce to make a living.

It is just happened to be that close friends of ours, Uri & Vika were also looking for ways to shift their business to be more eco-oriented as well. Uri & Vika are the owners of UV CONSULTING, a Belgian-based company that manufacture & import mobile phone accessories & small electronic appliances. We decided to expand our friendship into a business collaboration and to harness the knowledge UV CONSULTING had in the mobile communication arena to create a line of eco-mobile phone accessories we named, BIOnd. 

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Wheat Field


BIOnd is our new line of accessories made of biodegradable, environmentally-friendly materials. This freshly designed line of products includes all the mobile phone accessories you will ever need to stay mobile while helping to save our beloved planet. BIOnd is made only by using recycled and natural biodegradable materials. BIOnd products stand out from the crowd with spectacular packaging and uncompromised quality values, which are combined with a self-sustaining and eco-friendly element.